As our heads are spinning, producing shows is not the only thing we do…
Here are some ideas that are already coming to fruition!


Between 2020 and 2023, with the support of Creative Europe, we have the honour and pleasure to be one of the partners of the large-scale project “The Shere”

The Sphere is a three-year project focused on a new business model and digitisation for the circus and performing arts sector.
This visionary project in which we are a partner has just been selected as one of the large-scale projects to receive support from Creative Europe! The Sphere is initiated by A Radar Styled Novel, a leading Swedish circus collective in formal collaboration with a series of European (and international) partners: Teatro da Didascalia (Portogallo), Maison de jonglages (Francia), Cordata F.O.R (Italia), Stockholm School of Economics (Svezia), Berlin Circus Festival (Germania), Lithuanian Dance Information Centre (LT), Steven Bachelder Studios (SE), High Acres Farm (US), The Nordic House on Faroe Islands (FO), La Serre – Arts Vivant (CA)

ENTER THE SPHERE The Sphere is a place for mutually transformative exchanges between artistic processes (artistic flows) and financing practices (economic flows). It aims to address one of the key challenges of our time: rethinking the production and distribution of sustainable value in an era of profound cultural and ecological transformation. The Sphere is a ‘Digital Soul’ within which a living archive of creation methods and works will be created to act as a common digital container for artistic knowledge and practice. In the making of The Sphere, performing artists will collaborate with technology experts, speakers, audiences and a diverse range of stakeholders to build resilient innovative communities.
The Sphere responds to the urgent need to fortify the arts funding ecosystem. The project will not end in 2023 as it has the potential to become a major research-creation hub and think tank at the intersection of art, new governance practices and new technological media.  The strengths from which the project starts to develop are the geographical diversity and transdisciplinary nature of the partners involved.


Artists’ gathering on artistic research in contemporary Circus

Puntata Zero is an idea of encounter between contemporary circus artists that seeks to develop models and practices to integrate artistic research in the circus field and to create a foundation, a common ground where circus artists can develop research processes which aren’t necessarily aimed at artistic production. Puntata Zero was born from the experience that some elements of the company were able to experiment by participating in the pilot project “Workspace Ricerca X”. Arriving as a need of the company’s artists and as a proposition to the current dispersed circus community, Puntata Zero envisions a platform for exchange and confrontation between artists working in the Italian contemporary circus. We wish to meet professionals interested in artistic research, ready to exchange and develop their thoughts, methodologies, ideas and discoveries with other practitioners.
We start by creating a working environment where artists can investigate and err, and where the exchange model is based on time and knowledge sharings. We are venturing into a well-defined time of pure research, far removed from the production time of a show or performance. Puntata Zero is an encounter intended to develop and recognise the importance of artistic research in Contemporary Circus in Italy. The ambition is to promote the work of contemporary circus artists, create moments of encounter, inclusivity, stimulate reflection and critical thinking.
Puntata Zero arose from the experience that Francesco Sgrò and Teresa Noronha Feio had taking part in the pilot project Workshop Ricerca X.
developed by Fabbrica C and thanks to the support of Cordata F.O.R., La Corte Ospitale, Kilowatt Festival, Teatro Asioli di Correggio e Flic Scuola di Circo